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Services Offered


  •  REIKI - for stress relief, anxiety relief, energy balancing and your health and well-being.

  • CCT/Crystalline Conscious Technique - intentional healing using a new system of energy so our bodies don't blow themselves out. It can be used as a meditation-like session that supports mindfulness, self-awareness, personal and spiritual growth, empowerment and transformation processes so you can experience more joy, return to balance, connect to your inner guidance system, your "inner" processes for evolving your consciousness, and changing your life, shifting issues and triggers and more. May be done in a distance session by phone!
  • Chakra/aura balancing 

       Private and confidential.

  •  Children's services - as an author, artist, all around creative person, and nondenominational minister, teacher and guide, Melanie has long had a gift of working with children through play... language, pretending, visualization, art and more.

    What may seem like talking to an adult is much more with a child because children see the world a lot differently than adults and sometimes parents and guardians are so worried about what a child's behavior means that they can't get the clarity they need about what to do.

    Time and again a "talk play date" with Melanie helps resolve challenges a child may be facing at home, in school, in the neighborhood etc. Using tools uniquely designed for each child, Melanie sees children in person for an hour for those who are local and is also available to chat on Skype and by phone for children anywhere in the U.S. Sessions in person are often done in a chair or on a sofa and may not involve direct touch. 


A unique aspect of CCT is the ability to work with the subtle energies of groups and relationships--marriages, families, businesses, communities, governments-- any group of which you are a member, while still honoring free will and choice for everyone.

"I do have to thank you for whatever you've been doing. It's been much nicer around here for a few weeks now." -PP, New York, NY, Assistant to Director of major organization for developmentally disabled. Employees here requested assistance when their organization moved into a building near Ground Zero. They felt the atmosphere and workload had become oppressive. They were sent Reiki and given two group CCT sessions long distance.




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