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Reiki Classes

NEXT REIKI 1 CLASS IN BOWLING GREEN FORMING. Sat. June 17, 2017 from 10A-5P. Though I often teach Level i in 2 or 3 parts, this one is all in one day.

For more information and to join this class now, CALL 419.353.1295 (Voice - no texting). Fee: $120.00. Last training at this low price. Prices going up in July!


Melanie emphasizes the original Japanese meditations, perspectives as well as the changes with Western Reiki.

You will receive the full Level 1/ Shoden reiju attunements (3), pre-training healing, a Level 1 manual, lots of practice time and your own healing during class. Because the class size is kept small, you receive more individual attention.

In this class, you learn to feel energy so you can give yourself sessions. If you wish to practice on friends and family members or become a professional practitioner you will also gain this ability. This training gives you the knowledge to use the standard Western hand positions as well as the ability to work more intuitively, and do both.

Many of Melanie's students report how much spouses respond th being able to receive Reiki at home from a family member! Soo relaxing. Helps very stressed out business types. Has helped some of them with back pain too. Can be used on children and the elderly to help soothe emotional experiences and trauma. Reiki is also being used by nurses, doctors, counselors and therapists, as well as caregivers in nursing homes.

Call NOW to reserve your spot. 419.353.1295 (voice only).



In life, you may have different symptoms, experiences, and stressors. These are simply signs that natural order needs to be found again. The healing of symptoms can be merely temporary. Making the human whole again and finding balance and harmony, on the other hand, are dynamic and ongoing states.

Conducted in levels (I-IV), each Reiki class provides training and certification  in touch for self and others that includes standard Western hand positions and the intuitive Japanese techniques. You receive personal healing, a manual for your level included in the cost of the class and the appropriate attunements or Reiju (empowerments) to connect you to the special energy that is Reiki. You also receive a certificate.

Something to consider: Reiki can be used to soothe autism and other behavioral upsets. It can help caregivers of Alzheimers and dementia patients and parents manage their own and other family members’ stress, anxiety and worry. It could begin or end most kinds of therapy sessions.

REIKI  CLASSES are ONGOING IN BOWLING GREEN. Call 419.353.1295 (VOICE no texting) to set up your class now. That's all it takes to start a new class. If you would like to set up a class in another area, it is possible to set one up in your home if there is space and quiet. Ask Melanie about this option.

LEVEL 1 - $120 - to increase to $150 in July 2017. This is a 6-hour class with additional healing from the instructor and time to practice. Melanie feels that breaking the class into 3 sessions of 2 hours helps with learning, though she continues to offer 6-hour classes all in one day as well as 2 sessions of 3 hours.

LEVEL 2 - increases to $175 in February 2017. This is a 6-hour class. Learn Reiki symbols and Level 2 Okuden meditations. Receive a Level II manual and CD of meditations included in the cost of the class.

Payment plans are available.

REIKI LEVEL III coming soon.

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