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Reiki - What it is

Reiki Sessions in Bowling Green and Toledo, Ohio.

The Usui system of Reiki is an ancient hands-on alternative and complementary healing method for relaxation, stress reduction, and well-being that many consider a Japanese healing art. It feels like a glowing radiance in and around one. Neither a religion nor a doctrine, but more of a philosophy - Reiki can be a path to wellness and a spiritual practice. Either way, it is a commitment to caring for oneself.

Reiki is a way of moving into balance and wholeness available to anyone. One can use it on oneself, family and friends, even plants and animals. It can promote a relaxed approach to life and greater harmony with the environment.

When a person receives Reiki, they allow the energy or chi (ki) to be received with beneficial results. This puts the recipient in an empowered position.

There is a growing body of scientific research which provides  evidence that Reiki reduces stress, pain, depression and anxiety. It can also help mild dementia patients to overcome their cognitive impairment to some degree. The Center for Reiki Research continues studying Reiki.

The founder of Reiki, Sensei Mikao Usui, intended Reiki to be a form of mindfulness and spiritual self-healing and called it the “secret method of inviting happiness through many blessings, the spiritual medicine for all illness.”

The Japanese word reiki can be defined as an ethereal, transcendental and sacred energy of the universe, which sustains life (chi or ki or qi). The word as we Westerners understand it has a great deal more meaning than we are culturally equipped to understand. Ki is both what everything is made of and the enlivening principal.

Melanie A. Stinson, LMT, RMT, CCTEM, offers Reiki, relaxation therapy, stress relief, and clothed bodywork therapy, including acupressure, in a home residence in Bowling Green, Ohio and a professional healing center in Toledo, Ohio.

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One of the wonderful things about Reiki besides the well-being one feels is that it can be used by one on one's self once you have been attuned to it in a Usui Reiki Level 1 class.

Reiki classes can be set up quite easily by contacting Melanie by using the Contact Form available on this site. Classes can be held in a private residence in Bowling Green, at a professional office in Toledo and for families and groups of friends in a family home.


  • A manual with history, meditations and other information appropriate to the level of Reiki being studied.

  • In class healing sessions and meditations.
  • Practice time in which to feel energy and use Reiki for self-healing (Level 1) and on others (Begun in Level 1 and solidified in Levels 2 and 3 - Reiki Master... teacher).
  • Lots of healing and transformation transmitted by Melanie.
  • Time to ask questions.
  • Appropriate attunements - rituals in which Reiki is passed from teacher/Reiki Master to student/practitioner.

Reiki can be taught to anyone willing to make the commitment to it. Children as young as four have been taught Reiki. High school students enjoy Reiki for many reasons - to feel more calm, to focus better, to enjoy life more. Reiki is a wonderful investment for anyone!

Classes are ongoing. If you have an interest, contact Melanie today!

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