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Peace.  Rest.  Relaxation.  Breathing room. Gentle awareness. AN OASIS OF CALM. Ahhh.
Life feels better when heart and mind, body and soul, intention, choice and action are harmoniously joined.
Reiki as well as CCT and other energy/bodywork modalities and metaphysical, spiritual and self-awareness and self-development tools facilitate feeling better, making new choices for growth and discovering new options for facing life's challenges in a way that supports each individual.  Life and what Melanie offers are all processes.
Experience peace and soothing relief from every day stressors. Discover the wonder of your own inner oasis of calm.
Discover the secret thousands already know.
For only $150 for the first level Reiki class,
you can use Reiki on yourself and your family.
Imagine. For the price of 1-2 private sessions
you can have access to this powerful tool forever
and to your own unlimited sessions FREE for the rest of your life...
Fewer doctor visits. More confidence.
Being able to let go of stress by putting your hands on yourself.
Feeling calmer all the time. Developing and enhancing conscious awareness and mindfulness practices. Returning to balance. Achieving more in your life and business - with greater peace of mind.
Contact Melanie at 419.353.1295 (voice only) to schedule your Reiki 1 training.
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Mission Statement - Hello. I'm Melanie A. Stinson, energy and bodywork therapist. I am a certified Crystalline Consciousness Master of Transformation and Usui Reiki  Master teacher, Creation and Karuna Ki Reiki Master, artist, and children's author. 

I am committed to sharing what I know from energy medicine, flower essences, and oriental medicine, crystal and gemstone therapies, Rosen Method bodywork/movement, and more to support you in your life.

Unlike many energy healers and readers, I am trained and certified in massage therapy. as well as certified in Reiki and CCT, so I can bring in both body and energy therapies to help you discover your oasis of calm inside.

I am always learning and growing, adding tools that I feel will help you feel more empowered and able to live the life you dream of with all its challenges and joys.

Many blessings.

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